The inimitable Baradwaj Rangan at his best

Baradwaj Rangan

Some of the ‘Metro Plus’ staffers, all newbies to Carnatic music, had questions about the Season. Baradwaj Rangan attempts to keep a straight face and provide answers. (All names are changed.)

Hosted by imgur.comDear BR: If we’re listening to an earnest Abheri and the smell of the adai-avial from the canteen is irresistible, what do we do? – If music be the love of food…

What a silly question. You go to the canteen, of course. After all, it is possible to listen to the earnest Abheri in the canteen, but the adai-avial won’t come to you in the sabha.

Dear BR: I want to check out Carnatic music, but I am intimidated by all the terms floating around in the reviews – alapana, kalpanaswaram, thani avarthanam… They can’t just call an auditorium an auditorium, right? It has to be a… sabha. Even December isn’t December any…

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